Sport Psychology Services

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Imageedit 6 8204143259Chantal Duarte is a registered sport psychology practitioner and has experience of working with a wide range of athletes and organisations across the UK. She is registered through BASES as a Probationary Sport and Exercise Scientist (Psychology Support) and holds a valid enhanced DBS Check. Chantal also possesses a Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Sheffield Hallam University and an Undergraduate Degree in Sport and Exercise Science from Loughborough University.

Duarte Consultancy offers bespoke individualised and group sport psychology support to a wide range of elite and amateur athletes, coaches, referees, and sport performance organisations across the UK. The company provides holistic and client-centred support to meet client needs, and implements tailored performance strategies and mental training in the client’s chosen environment in order to help them deal with the psychological demands of sport and improve performance and well-being. If you are interested in any of the below services, please contact Duarte Consultancy for more information.

Duarte Consultancy offers the following sport psychology services:

Individualised face to face sport psychology consultations including the areas below:

  • Improving Motivation- Increasing self-awareness of strengths and areas for development
  • Goal-setting
  • Developing and Maintaining Self-Confidence
  • Maintaining Concentration
  • Emotional Control and Self-Regulation
  • Building Mental Toughness
  • Performing Well Under Pressure
  • Coping with Injury
  • Mental Imagery and Preparation for Competition
  • Improving Professionalism
  • Transitioning Well Throughout Your Athletic Career


Team/Group Workshop Sessions based on the following areas:

Session Title

1)      Introduction to Sport Psychology- How can sport psychology enhance my performance?

2)      Setting Goals- Why set goals and how can this help me?

3)      Improving Motivation- Increasing self-awareness of strengths and areas for development

4)      Improving Professionalism

5)      Creating a Team Identity/Cohesion

6)      Developing and Maintaining Self-Confidence

7)      Emotional Control and Self-Regulation

8)      Maintaining Concentration

9)      Building Mental Toughness

10)    Transitioning Well Throughout Your Athletic Career


Educational group sessions help to increase athlete self-awareness and create a reflective and productive group environment. These sessions also enable coaches and athletes to effectively devise and implement tools and techniques to suit their performance goals and objectives.

As the company’s ethos is to support the specific needs of each client, the support offered is not limited to the areas above, and all client needs will be individually addressed.

Duarte Consultancy offers a range of bespoke packages in order to suit the specific needs of athletes, coaches, teams, and referees, and we would be happy to discuss these offers with you to enable the most effective support.

Packages include:

Individual Athlete/Coach/Referee Support


  • Monthly individual sessions (with access in between sessions if required)
  • Weekly individual sessions (with access in between sessions if required)
  • Seasonal support (depending on client needs)

Cost: From £35 (prices may vary depending on location)

Group/Team Sessions


  • 1 workshop a month for a 12 month period (based on client needs)
  • 2 workshops a month for a 12 month period (based on client needs)
  • One-off workshops to suit the specific needs of clients as and when sessions are required

Cost: From £60 (prices may vary depending on location, workshop duration, and audience size)


All programmes are tailored with appropriate time scales agreed to fully support client needs.


Please contact Duarte Consultancy for a direct quote on costs as they may vary.